Verona Resia Verona • Traguardo Volante
From Verona to the sources of River Adige



WHEN: from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd May 2020
WHERE: In Villa Guerrina, in Via Guerrina, 99 – 37141 Montorio – Verona
TO DO: collect the yellow tag, at our operational tables: Friday 1st May from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Saturday 2nd May from 4:00 am to 6:00 am. 

DEPARTURE: Saturday 2nd May from 5:00 am to 6:00 am.
ARRIVAL: Sunday 3rd May within 9:00 pm.


Maximun average speed km 28/h – mimimum km 15/h.
Route length km 600 - difference in altitude m 3.700. Minimum time allowed 20 hours; maximun time 40 hours.
Route length km 300 - difference in altitude m 2.400. Minimum time allowed 10 hours; maximun time 20 hours.

PATENT BRM/ACP | Brevets Randonneurs Mondiaux. 
The 600 km route is included in the Italian Championship ARI AUDAX.
The routes are not marked. Self-sufficiency is required.


35€ for the registrations within the 29th February 2020
40€ for the registations within the 1st March 2020
2€ reduction for the registration of the 300 km ride for the ARI Audax Italia members
4€ reduction for the registration of the 600 km ride for the ARI Audax Italia members
55€ for the registrations on the same day of the event. The registrations will be accepted only by submitting the certificate of fitness (with stress test) for sport activities and the declaration of awareness and assumption of risk, to be signed on the spot.

For those who sign up within the 29th February, we’ll garantee the T-shirt of the required size (remember to write it when registering, at the bottom of the registration form). For those who sign up after that date, we’ll do out best to provide the right size, but we cannot garantee it.

In case you will be unable to attend the event, the quote won’t be refound but, if required and barring accidents, can count as base quote for the next edition.


Registrations are possible only online and will close three days before the event taking place, at midnight of Tuesday 28th April 2020.
It is possible to sign up the day of the event by paying an extra fee and submitting the requested documents. The registrations out of the deadline are hard to be managed.

To get signed, click the button below, you will get linked to the ARI Audax website, where you can finalise the registration and pay the quote. A credit card or a PayPal account are required.



At departure and along the paths are located some check points where you need to punch in the yellow card; if you miss a check point you will get excluded from the event.

  1. km 0 / DEPARTURE from Villa Guerrina
    Via Villa Guerrina, 99 - 37141 Montorio - VERONA: free refreshment
  2. km 41,5 / BAR Ristorante Pizzeria Ai Cigni 
    Via S. Fracesco 31 - 37016 Garda (VR)
  3. km 90,5 / BICIGRILL Duchi's 
    Via del Garda, 5 – 38065 LOPPIO (TN)
  4. km 151,5 / BICIGRILL Bike Break
    Piazza Trento – 38010 FAEDO (TN)
  5. km 223,5 / BICIGRILL Minigolf Treff  
    Via Mercato - 39022 LAGUNDO (BZ)
  6. km 257 / LAGHETTO BRUGG 
    Brugg, 10 (Frazione di Corces) – 39028 SILANDRO (BZ)
  7. km 303 / CONFERENCE ROOM of the city of Curon Venosta 
    Via Claudia Augusta, 2 - 39027 Curon /LAGO DI RESIA(BZ) 
  8. km 342,5 / LAGHETTO BRUGG 
    Brugg, 10 (Locality of Corces) – 39028 SILANDRO (BZ)
  9. km 375,5 / BICIGRILL Minigolf Treff Algund 
    Via Mercato - 39022 LAGUNDO (BZ)
  10. km 447 / BICIGRILL Bike Break 
    Piazza Trento – 38010 FAEDO (TN)
  11. km 519,5 / BICIGRILL Ruota Libera 
    Loc. Vò Destro - 38063 Avio (TN)
  12. km 578 / ARRIVAL at Villa Guerrina
    Montorio - VERONA: Free pasta party.
  1. km 519,5 / BICIGRILL Ruota Libera 
    Loc. Vò Destro - 38063 Avio (TN)
  2. km 578 / ARRIVO a Villa Guerrina
    Montorio - VERONA: pasta party gratuito.


Technical bike shirt.

Plasticized plate for the bike frame – edition 2020

Refreshment at departure with drinks and snacks

Overnight stay in the city gym of Resia. The city of Resia provived a gym with showers for the participants.

Transportation of luggages from Verona to Resia and back. Every participant can give us a small luggage with a change of clothes, a towel, a mat and a sleeping bag. On the luggage you should indicate your family name/name and your mobile phone number. The luggage will be delivered in the gym of Resia, picked up in the same place at 5:00 am and will be redelivered in Verona at Villa Guerrina from 11:00 am approximately.

Use of showers and toilets at arrival in Villa Guerrina

At arrival Pasta party from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Every check point is also a refreshment point, opened even in the night time if necessary; snacks and drinks are NOT included in the quote.


CAR PARKING: Inside Villa Guerrina is possible to park a good amount of cars. Those who will not find a parking place inside the Villa, can park in the neighborhood around the surrounding wall; there you will find many parking places. One of our collegues will show at the entrance if the inner park is fully occupied. Motorhomes and campervans are not allowed inside the Villa. In via Guerrina (Guerrina street), there is a lot of space and a green area where you can easily park your camper, at about 700 mt from the etrance of the Villa.

Villa Guerrina were kindly provided from Cral aziendale del Banco Popolare.


About the organization, you can write to:
About the route, you can write to


1. To be over 18 by the date of the event.
2. To sign up online and pay with credit card or Paypal the quote of participation.
3. It is not necessary to be a mamber of a sport society.
4. To have a Certificate of fitness (with stress test) for sport activities. The certificate must be registered on the website ARI Audax with the system Data Health.


Near Villa Guerrina you can sleep:

1. At the Hotel Brandoli***, about 1 km away from departure, medium price.
2. At B&B Corte Carolina, about 500 mt away from departure, low price. In Montorio you will surely find some other B&B.
3. At Villa Cainer (scout house) in Mizzole, about 4 km away from departure. In this structure it is necessary to bring a mat and a sleeping bag; the price per person is 10€ with a minimum number of 10 partecipants. Write us here if you are interested in this accomodation, we collect the names.
You can easily book alone the first and the second structure, indicating that you are joining the bike competition that will start  at 6:oo am; in both the accomodations, early breakfast is available


In Resia pass you can sleep:

1. For free in the gym of Resia, provided from the city. The gym has wooden floor and showers.
2. Further on we will indicate some others structures upon payment, where you can stand overnight.


Gpx tracks and the road book will be available fifteen days before the event.


The new jersey of the randonnée Verona Resia Verona • Traguardo Volante, edition 2020 with new colors!

Verona Resia jersey 2020 edition