Edelweiss 2019
Spectacular route immersed in the green of the Alps, between Italy and Austria

The route follows the Via Claudia Augusta bike path, flat until Bolzano, and then goes slightly up until the Brenner Pass. From the pass, it goes fast down to Innsbruck following the main road. Right a few kilometres before Innsbruck, it heads west, it skips the city and enters in the Inn Valley. The valley is beautiful and wild, with some section of gravel road (really well paved), until Landeck. From the village the route goes up again to Resta, always on bike path, and once the pass is reached, it goes fast down to Bolzano. Then, a beautiful detour to Lake Caldaro, a few kilometres along the “Wine Road” until Salorno and the last 6 kilometres on the river Adige bike path until the Bicigrill Bike Break in Faedo.

Amazing alpine route with great mountains, breathtaking landscapes and really little traffic.

70% on bike path - 3.600 mt altitude.


Date and meeting point - Departure and arrival

WHERE: Bicigrill Bike Break, Località Masetto - 38010 Faedo (TN).
Large parking area.

DEPARTURE: Saturday, 31th August at 8:00.
ARRIVAL: Sunday, 1st September not later than 21:00.

Itinerary - Average speed and maximum time

Total length: 460 km
Average speed: maximum 30 km/h, minimum 15 km/h

Minimum time: 15 hours and 30 minutes.
Maximum time: 30 hours.

The itinerary is not signalised on the way: total self-sufficiency is expected.

Refreshments and check-points

Check-points for card control: in some of them refreshments are given. Refreshments are on participants' cost.

  1. Bressanone  (BZ) – 80 km
  2. Innsbruck (Austria) – 175 km
  3. Landeck (Austria) – 255 km
  4. Passo Resia (BZ) – 315 km
  5. Merano (BZ) – 405 km

Fee and Services included in the fee

€ 15 - Online registration until 28th August 2019
€ 18 - Registration on the randonnée day, 31st august 2019

Refreshments are given at the departure.
Pasta party at the arrival. Shower service available at the arrival.
Refreshments at the check-points are not included and are on participants' cost.

Participation requirement

1. To be of age the day of the event
2. You need to register online and pay the registration fee with PayPal or credit card.
3. Certificate of fitness (with stress test) for sport activities.
4. Being member of a sports club is not necessary.