The Wonderful Four - Randonnée 2019

SportVerona and the best four
Brevets valid for the Paris Brest Paris randonnée

The Wonderful Four

The Wonderful Four project, four routes and four brevets valid for qualifying for the Paris Brest Paris randonnée, is supported by Banco Popolare di Milano - BPM. Giorgio Murari, aka Musseu, is the mind behind this project, that developed little by little with the help of Simonetta Bettio, his trusty sidekick.

Every route of The Wonderful Four is denominated as “SportVerona”, followed by the number of kilometres related with the brevet (200/300/400/600) and by the name of a specific place. Moreover, every route is associated with a color that reflects its core. The Wonderful Four is carefully studied for a good preparation to the P.B.P.

The itineraries are designed with some climbs, never too hard, and are surrounded by beautiful nature and charming places, since the beginning in the city of Verona. As usual, the spirit of the randonnèe is not the competition but the fact of cycling among friends, always deep into the nature, a challenge with oneself and one’s limits.

The philosophy behind this project

The style of The Wonderful Four is the same of the first randonnées. The only difference with the first ones is the use of the gps, a useful device that makes the cyclist’s life easier: no more wrong roads, just relaxed cycling in order to enjoy the itineraries at their best!

No direction indicators, no refreshment points, no ranking, just minimum and maximum time, gpx tracks and road book. It will be possible to eat at the check-points, indicated on the road book. And, for everybody, warm showers and the final pasta party.

There is a small registration fee, then everybody manage the randonnée in total freedom. A bag drop at km 350 is provided only in the 600 km route, as much as the possibility of booking a bed in a hostel or in a hotel: we are still working on that and further information will be given within the next weeks.

The Wonderful Four
is dedicated to our late, great friend Dario Bergamini, that passed over in 2018.