Super Randonnée dei Cento Bersaglieri
The Prealps from Lake Garda to Monte Grappa


DEPARTURE: San Peretto di Negrar, in the province of Verona. Further detailed information after the registration.
ARRIVAL: Verona, Sport Verona headquarter, in the historical city centre, near Ponte Pietra.
WHEN: You decides when to start! The route is available all year long.

- 60 hours in Randonneur formula.
- 8 days in Tourist formula.


LENGHT: 614 km
ELEVATION GAIN: about 15.000 mt
The route is listed as a official Super Randonnée by Audax Club Parisien.
BREVET LSR/ACP | Brevets Randonneurs Mondiaux: Les Super Randonnées.

The route is not marked and total self-sufficiency is required. Any assistance during the route or at the check-points is forbidden, under penalty of exclusion from the randonnée.


The Super Randonnée dei Cento Bersaglieri is not listed in any Italian championship and does not count as a qualification for other international events; however, it may be one of the five SRs required to get the Audax Finisseur d’Italie certificate, created by ARI in order to valorise those who ride autonomously these demanding randonnées. The randonneurs that will get the brevet of at least five Italian super Randonnèes will be mentioned on the ARI website and will receive a special certificate. It can be of one of the ten brevets, necessary for being mentioned on the special webpage by Audax Club Parisien, dedicated to the great randonneurs.

It is possible to participate as:
Randonneur - time limit 60 hours.
Tourist - it is possible to complete the route cycling at least 75 km per day.

The participants must certify the passage by the check-point taking a picture at the own’s bike in the designated places. During the randonnée the official SR plate has to be installed on the bike and has to be well visible on the photos that certify the passage by the check-points.

The check-point are close to signposts or easily identifiable artefacts.

GPX tracks, roadblock and further detailed information regarding the route will be sent after the registration.

Click here to download the pdf file with the photos of the check-points.

Check-points list

  1. Negrar - 37024 (VR) Musseu's house, signpost Via Ca Paletta. 0 km.
  2. Marano di Valpolicella - 37020 (VR), village signpost. 9,8 km, +336 m.
  3. Località Gaium - 37010 Rivoli Veronese (VR), village signpost. 29,1 km, +491 m.
  4. Torri del Benaco - 37010 (VR), signpost at the end of the village. 53,3 km, +822 m.
  5. Località Lumini - 37010 San Zeno di Montagna (VR), village signpost. 74,5 km, +1.508 m.
  6. Località Platano - 37013 Caprino Veronese (VR), Platano dei Cento Bersaglieri descriptive plate. 83,6 km, +1.540 m.
  7. Rifugio GrazianiLocalita Canalette, 1 - 38060 Brentonico (TN), alpine hut signpost. 119 km, +3.119 m.
  8. Malga LessiniaLocalità Malga Lessinia – 37020 Erbezzo (VR), signstone to the alpine hut. 176,9 km, +4.778 m.
  9. Malga San Giorgio – Località San Giorgio – 37021 Boscochiesanuova (VR), village signpost. 204,8 km, +5.342 m.
  10. Campofontana – 37030 Selva di Progno (VR), village signpost. 230.2 km, +5.948 m.
  11. Località Marana - 36070 Crespadoro (VI), village signpost. 250,4 km, +6.428 m.
  12. Passo Campogrosso (1.458 m) - 36078 Valdagno (VI), signpost. 278,5 km, +7.579 m.
  13. Rotzo - 36010 (VI), village signpost. 327,2 km, +8.419 m.
  14. Cima del Monte Grappa (1.775 m), war memorial signpost. 428,9 km, +10.681 m.
  15. Località Bocchetta Galgi - 36062 Lusiana Conco (VI), village signpost. 489 km, +11.713 m.
  16. Località Finetti - 37039 Tregnago (VR), village signpost. 576,9 km, +13.652 m.
  17. Castel San Pietro - 37129 Verona, entrance gate/arch. 613 km, +14.278 m.
  18. Sede Sport Verona/Simonetta Bike Tours - Via Madonna del Terraglio, 5 - 37129 Verona, entrance door. 614,2, +14.278 m.


There are no age limits. Underage cyclists can participate, only if accompanied by a parent, also registered for the brevets, and anyhow prior presentation of written authorisation, signed by the same parent,  with whom the same assumes responsibility for the participation of the underage child.

The requirements for the registration at the Super Randonnée are:

  1. To have a valid certificate of fitness for sport activities.
  2. To read carefully and accept the Rules of Super Randonnées.
  3. To read carefully, sign and send the Declaration of Awareness of Risk-Taking and Disclaimer of Liability.
  4. To be registered with a sports club or, alternatively, to have a personal civil liability policy and communicate it to the Organiser.
  5. Pay 20 € as participation fee.
  6. Register online by clicking on the blue button. The registration requires to attach the above mentioned documents as well as an ID.

For further information write to: [email protected]


The Super Randonnée brevet can be accomplished by riding a bicycle with chain transmission, driven exclusively by muscular strength. Both tourists and randonneurs can get the respective homologation using the specified above type of bicycle. The participation with pedal-assisted bicycles is allowed limited to the tourist formula: in this case, however, the homologation can not be obtained.

In order to participate, it is mandatory to have the following equipments:

  • protective helmet, compliant with the law and homologated;
  • vehicle in perfect efficiency, in particular as regards the braking system;
  • front and rear lighting system, to be securely anchored to the handlebar of to the frame as required by the Italian Highway Code;
  • reflective jacket or braces;
  • thermal or survival blanket.

In addition to clothing suitable for low temperatures, it is strongly recommended to bring along:

  • mobile phone and power bank for fast charging
  • GPS device for satellite navigation, with extra batteries;
  • extra lighting system, both front and rear;
  • water bottles and energy snacks.


  • The plasticized Super Randonnée plate to be installed on the bike frame;
  • GPX tracks of the route, road book and travel card.

After obtaining the brevet:

  • Certificate of homologation in the Super Randonnée dei Cento Bersaglieri brevet, pdf format;
  • Inclusion in the list of the patented randonneurs, both on this webpage of Sport Verona, organiser of the event, and on the website of ARI Audax Randonneur Italia and Audax Club Parisien.


For the registration, fill in the online form by clicking on the blue button below. Own’s personal data and further datas are required. The form also needs to be completed by uploading the above mentioned documents, at the voice “requirements to participate”. The registration fee of 20 € must be paid in order to complete the registration , through bank transfer, informing the organiser by mail about the payment.

BANK ACCOUNT holder: Sport Verona
IBAN: IT34O0503411711000000007741  (NB: the fifth letter is a "O" capital letter, not a zero)
REASON OF PAYMENT: SR 100 Bersaglieri - randonneur's name and surname


This brevet is considered as a LSR/ACP brevet since a few months, even if it was created some years ago. Audax Club Parisien, that manages “Les Super Randonnées” brevets, included this brevet in the Brevets Randonneurs Mondiaux list. Since 2020, the ones who will get the brevet will be included in the Randonneurs Mondiaux list. Some cyclists got the brevet in the past years and we want to write their names in this website, even it they can’t be included in the official lists.


19>22 June 2020
Walter BombardelliFlavio Bertagnolli
Total time: 54 hours and 30 minutes.

16>18 July 2020
Marco Antonangeli e Giovanni Veneziale
Total time: 59 hours and 50 minutes.

18>20 July 2020
Stefano Baraga
Total time: 56 hours and 39 minutes.

4>6 September 2020
Andrea Scalco
Total time: 52 hours and 15 minutes.

4>6 September 2020
Luca Colonetti e Luigi Burini
Total time: 52 hours and 45 minutes.

The homologations will be issued by ACP (France) by the end of the year

Before 2020
Giorgio Murari (God designer)
Stefano Baraga
Patrick Mondini
Florindo Busellato
Andrea Scalco
Elena Grobberio
Urs Stalder

Do you want to be the first cyclist to get the international homologation?