Sport Verona – About us

Sport Verona. Amateur sports club for randonneurs

Sport Verona A.S.D. is an amateur sports club. The main activity is organising randonnées, amateur sport events that the members of Sport Verona love because of their “free spirit” philosophy.

In French language, randonnée means a hike, but also refers to a organised long-distance bicycle ride within reach of all well-trained cyclists. By regulations, the cyclist rides self-sufficiently. The time limit is important, in order to have a well organised event, but it’s not the “most important thing”.

The philosophy behind the randonnée is the “tourist side”, better if in company with other cyclists, and no agonism: there is no winner. Training is necessary but nobody runs for the best time, the main goal is the own wellness, it’s challenging oneself.

Any kind of bike can be used, it just have to be human powered.

Giorgio Murari - Musseu, and Simonetta Bettio, are the head and heads of the project. Simonetta is the president and Giorgio the vice president. The members, all dear friends and supporters, are a essential help for the success of the event. All of them support the project as passionate volunteers.

Dario Bergamini

Dario Bergamini, our former president, passed away last year: he was a great person, and he helped the development of this project. He was a great cyclosportive and other sports events organiser, among them the Verona Marathon and, in 2010, Dario and Giorgio created together the Verona - Resia - Verona randonnée. A few years ago Simonetta took his place, but he has always been part of the club, as counsellor and, above all, friend. Even if he passed away, he is still and will be our mentor.

Giorgio Murari - Musseu. The soul of Sport Verona

Since I was a kid, I have been a sportsman: a lifestyle, that make me understand the essence of life, the fatigue but also simplicity, love and poetry.

I started cycling with the long cyclosportives, with good achievement. I participated at Maratona delle Dolomiti (4 times), Nove Colli (4 times), Milano - San Remo (3 times), 100 dei Forti, Villabassa, Lessinia Legend and many more. Then, since 1990, I cycled abroad, in the classic races in North Europe and the most important randonnées: Paris - Brest - Paris, London - Edinburgh - London, tour of Bulgar, Hungary, Spain, 1001 Miles… I also created new randonnées and permanent routes.

And finally, I started to organise randonnées, expecially the Verona - Resia - Verona randonnée, the most important and beautiful in Italy. I am vice-president of Sport Verona since 2014.

For updates on my adventures, follow my personal blog.


Simonetta Bettio

I have always been a cyclotourist, I love travelling by bike, I am a explorer. I don’t like agonism and races, but I have always got on really well with Giorgio: once Dario retired, he asked me to cooperate with him as he knew my organisation skills.

My main business is Simonetta Bike Tours, a tour operator specialised in bike tours and trips. We organise both easy and challenging tours, guided and self-guided, with the all confort of a organised trip. I share with Giorgio a certain kind of lifestyle, the love for bike trips and explorations, in two different ways: he loves the extreme, I love the confort.

I love the “randonnée world”, randonneurs are easy going people with a great passion, and because of that, after the first Verona - Resta - Verona in 2016, that I still organise randonnées with Giorgio.

In 2019 we do our best with The Wonderful Four, preparation for the Paris - Brest - Paris. In 2020 we will organise again the Verona - Resia - Verona randonnée.